Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Sonnet of a Housewife and other poems


Sonnet of a Housewife and other poems is now available for order!

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Here's what some of our reviewers had to say:

"Vickie Adair's poetry offers an introspective view into a world where reflections of family, nature and life passes by. Her vision is that of a voice that echoes in the hearts of many women wherever they may have been or are going in their lives. Her rich, vivid words paint a spectacle where scents, elements and touch are able to enter your world. Emotions are deep and everfelt in these poems. It's a joy to read in any setting."
Valerie Sweeten, Houston Chronicle feature writer

"Vickie Adair's poetry is smart, because it makes you smile and tear up and shake your head in both recognition and disbelief. It's smart ass because she is able to do this and make it rhyme occasionally too. I hate bad poetry. Vickie writes the kind I love."
Tim Bryant, author of Dutch Curridge

"A collection of reflective, thought-provoking poems, dealing with subjects including age, death, tragedy, relationships, truth, and loneliness. Some are poignant and moving, others are humourous, but all are tied together by the common thread of undeniable wisdom shining out from the written words. An anthology of verse in which the author uses nostalgia and memories to deliver her message that more often than not it is the simple things in life that mean the most."
Maria Savva, author of A Time to Tell and Second Chances

“A masterful and deft collection of poems which disarm the reader with their honesty and vulnerability, Vickie Adair’s poems conjure up loss: either through time or through the erosion of a relationship or just from the evolution of living. There is humour in these poems and there is the joy of being in the moment. Her work is a reminder of the struggle and triumph in being human.”
Harry Leslie Smith, author of 1923: A Memoir


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Don't forget to use the 20% off discount code: QLXYREA7



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